So, the site is getting it's major overhaul right now. Adding more content, updating. Ill put my code repository and electonics schematics online aswell.

more soon..

zucht2 from Marcel de Vries on Vimeo.


In his mostly large scale works Marcel de Vries uses technology to deconstruct small natural occurances to gather data from one place and to reconstruct this information in a controlled environment somewhere else. In SIGN de Vries presents his graduation project (he graduated from FMI Masters). His research involves the aspects of wind and the type of sound/patterns/experience it generates. In the installation, underneath a 'foliage’ of 216 speakers, visitors will get the experience of an actual/audial situation outside. The data like wind speed and direction comes from an anemometer and wind vane on the roof of the building of SIGN.

s MdV-R1-ANs from Marcel de Vries on Vimeo.

s MdV-R1-ANs

After winning the George Verberge Stipendium in 2013 and with the support of the Kunstraad & Emmaplain foundation making it possible to do artistic research into pre Sovjet sound experiments and machines. This work came to be after an intense year of research into the pre-Sovjet musical apparatus with the help of Andrey Smirnov. Although it seems rather impossible to recreate those machines long lost and forgotten, I found I could make a hybrid of technologys maintaining a close relationship to those devices and yet having my own aesthetic view of the overall concept on the newly created machine. It incorporates different technological concepts and interaction designs of those old devices and yet have a visual impact of a grand musical machine.

Studio Marcel de Vries

Marcel is a mixed media artist working with audio, electronic sounds, interactive media, programming and electronics. His work revolves around the magnification of minor (natural and artificial) occurrences and phenomena. In his, often large scale, playful installations he is able to capture a minor detail and create an immersive and evocative surrounding in which the audience can lose themselves.

Over the past eight years, he has exhibited his works in Europe and Japan, and in 2013 also in Russia. His works have been shown in various contexts such as galleries, presentation platforms, public spaces and museums. His recent work has shifted more towards electro-acoustic machinery or 'distilleries’ and his research in the Theremin Center in Moscow towards the second half of 2013 will focus solely on these 'distilleries’. Here Marcel hopes to find (or create) new distilleries using antique equipments and machines from early 20th century Russia.

Mixed media, audio, electronic sounds, interactive media, programming and electronics.

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